'Energy Healing Enters the Digital Age'

Energy Healing and Transformation was previously the domain of Energy Workers, Spiritual and Faith Healers, Reiki practitioners and Shamans etc.  These forms of healing required their presence and intervention to work.  Now your options have expanded as leading-edge research brings you the power and the effect of energy healing and transformation in digital form, ready to be used in your home or workplace. Until recently much of this field of energy information was based on anecdotal evidence and unproven theories. There was no way to scientifically prove or measure this effect until the  Russian scientist Dr Konstantin Korotkov developed a scientific apparatus called the BEO-GDV which measures the output and action of energy waves in all living and non-living systems.

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Overcome life misfortune and ‘bad luck’. Create the unlimited life you want right now!



The Divine Intelligence within us created us perfect. Each human being is conceived with the capacity and potential to BE unconditional Love, happy, healthy, creative, successful, abundant, compassionate, emotionally balanced and infinitely wise.
So why is it we fail to achieve our highest potential? Recent discoveries in Russia indicate that DNA may be the Instructing Intelligence in all living matter including human beings.


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